with Steam Rice
94.Chicken with Broccoli (S)$7.95 (L)$11.95
95.Curry Chicken (S)$7.95 (L)$11.95
96.Chicken with Snow Peas (S)$7.95 (L)$11.95
97.Chicken with Cashew Nuts (S)$7.95 (L)$11.95
98.Kung Pao Chicken (Peanut) (S)$7.95 (L)$11.95
99.Chicken with Garlic Sauce (S)$7.95 (L)$11.95
100.Moo Goo Gai Pan (S)$7.95 (L)$11.95
101.Chicken with Mixed Vegetables (S)$7.95 (L)$11.95
102.Chicken with Eggplant in Garlic Sauce $11.95
103.Chicken with Black Bean Sauce (S)$7.95 (L)$11.95
104.Chicken with String Beans (S)$7.95 (L)$11.95
105.Hunan Chicken (S)$7.95 (L)$11.95
106.Szechuan Chicken (S)$7.95 (L)$11.95
107.Chicken with Bean Sprouts (S)$7.95 (L)$11.95
107a.Hot & Spicy Chicken $11.95